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Corporate Video

Listen to voice samples for corporate and promotional videos


Listen to voice samples for online, radio and television commercials 


Listen to voice samples for cartoons and animated books


Listen to voice samples for documentaries  and short films

International English Voice

If you're looking for a native voice that will appeal to a broad English speaking market, then an international, neutral accent is a good choice. Born in Ireland and living abroad for more than 15 years has given my accent an international sound that transcends geographical boundaries. I specialize in voicing for elearning, corporate videos, commercials, animaton, documentaries, telephony and tour guides. Listen to some samples above or request a demo.


My services range from translation of the text to delivery as a ready-to-use recording. I can suggest text improvements, translate scripts, edit recordings into individual files and deliver them as ready-to-use files in the correct file format for your needs. I work from my own state of the art studio in Berlín which means I can ensure high quality, flexibility, a fast turnaround and very competitive rates. Request a quote today.   

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